Celebrating in Nontraditional Ways

For most of our marriage, either my husband or I have worked a nontraditional schedule. There was a blissful 5-year period where he worked a 9-5 job and I stayed at home that we celebrated holidays on the actual holiday like normal people. But, for the most part, we fit the holiday gatherings and meals around whatever wacky schedule we’re working with that year. This is just fine with me, but I firmly believe the holidays are about the people you spend them with, not the date on the calendar.

This started the first year of our marriage when I worked at Disneyland. My family and my husband came to the Park and we had Thanksgiving lunch at Rancho del Zocalo. (I still refer to it as Casa de Frito from when Frito-Lay sponsored it when I was a kid.) Nontraditional for sure, but we were happy to be together celebrating a new job for me and a new life with my hubby.

So, today is our Thanksgiving day. My husband worked yesterday, so today’s the day. Or really, tonight’s the day, because my son has football practice this afternoon (No rest if you want to win a state championship!) and both boys are going to the church’s Turkey Bowl. So, while I imagine most “normal” people had their Thanksgiving meal yesterday afternoon, we’ll be lucky to get it on the table by 8pm tonight.

That’s okay. It’s my favorite meal of the year—no matter what time we eat it.

The holidays always put in a weird frame of mind. On the one hand, I miss my family and the big families gatherings. I don’t miss driving is California holiday traffic, where the traffic is actually worse on the holiday. On the other hand, I kinda like it when it’s just the four of us and a little quieter, but then I miss having people over. Somehow, having people over makes it seem like a holiday. Usually we have a Friendsgiving with my best friends and their families, but everyone was traveling this year, so we’re back to just us. Which, like I said, is okay too.

So, wherever you may be and whoever you may be with, I hope you are enjoying your Thanksgiving too.

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