Month: December 2019

The Rose Court

The Rose Court (The Unchosen Series Book 2)The Rose Court by Kristin J Dawson
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The first book in this series (THE LILAC PLAGUE) is a true heroine’s journey with determination and pluck in spades. The second book, THE ROSE COURT, ups the ante tenfold. This high fantasy has everything you want in a book that you can’t put down. Just like Nicoleta, I was trying to figure out who to trust and how to navigate the Rose Court. Every time I thought I had something or someone figured out, the story went off in unexpected and surprising directions. The magical elements were used in fantastic ways, but the real story was in the strong heroine, the well drawn characters, and their relationships. And, now I can’t wait for the third book! I can’t imagine what’s in store next.

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