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The Privilege of Working with Generous People

I am lucky in many, many ways. One of the ways is I get to work from home. Another way I am lucky is I get to work with 12 x 12.

The 12 x 12 Writing Challenge is a calendar year challenge for writers of picture books to write 12 drafts in 12 months. I’ve been working with Julie Hedlund, who founded the group since 2013. I’ve watched people who were just starting to pursue their writing dreams become published authors during that time. It’s amazing to see the hard work pay off. I’ve also seen the highs and lows. The publishing industry is not for the faint of heart.

Seeing real life books written by people in I know is awesome. Announcing new book deals is inspiring. Celebrating with writers landing a new agent is incredible. But the most amazing part?

The willingness to give back.

I’m not sure I’ve seen a group of people more willing to give back to people who are just starting down the road they are so far down. Several members who started with us with no agent and no book deals have multiple books on store shelves. They still come back year after year to help critique and help new members in the forum. One member runs a “Rejection Raffle” to reward people who are putting themselves out there, but haven’t had success…yet.

Today is no different. In 2014, we started the 12 x 12 Scholarship. We offer a financial need scholarship and a diversity scholarship. Yesterday, we sent a email to our members for donations to fund scholarships for 2019. Today, we met our first funding goal for FOUR SCHOLARSHIPS.

In just over 24 hours, our members have provided hope and inspiration. I am so privileged to work with and for such generous people.

We are well on our way to giving SIX scholarships this year to deserving writers, all thanks to our thoughtful members who are willing to help others find their way in the writing world.

This is the type of thing that gives me hope for the world around us. People can be good, decent, and kind.