A Good Conversation

Well, I missed another day. The only thing I can say I definitely need downtime. Yesterday was one of those days. After a flurry of activity Thursday and Friday, I guess my body was ready for a break. The college kid heightens the energy in the house. I use to love hearing my kids laugh when they were little, but I love it just as much now. There’s a certain vibe when we’re all together. All the inside jokes come out and more are created as we build on the latest goof someone said (or nowadays, the latest meme someone posted). I love the banter I have with my boys.

My college kid told me once that it was difficult to find a girlfriend because of our family. Because in the matter of one evening (or hour) we can go from talking about quantum physics and the rules of time travel to who should be cast in the next season of Bachelor in Paradise. He said it’s hard to find someone who can keep up with that swing of conversation (I’m sure he’s referring to the quantum physics part…) and join in.

It is good to hear that conversation is near the top of his list. (I’m sure there are other attributes at the top…) It’s certainly one of the things I’ve tried to instill in him. Relationships change over time and you need to have someone by your side that you can have an honest-to-goodness good conversation with whether you’re cuddling on the couch in your pjs, waiting in the myriad of waiting rooms we wait in during our lifetime, or sitting on beach relaxing in the sun.  You need to have someone by your side you enjoy talking to.

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