Hallmark Christmas Movies

It’s time to talk about Hallmark Christmas Movies.

It’s not even Thanksgiving yet, you say? Well, Hallmark’s been airing (and I’ve been taping) Christmas movies since late October! I already feel like I’m behind.

Here’s the beauty of a Hallmark Christmas Movie:

  1. I don’t have to think too much. I know there are whole channels devoted to airing “edgy” and challenging content. That’s fine, but with so much to worry about and think about in our world today, I don’t need to be challenged in every show I watch. It’s nice to turn that all off for a couple hours.
  2. There’s always going to be Christmas music. I mean, Christmas music! It’s sweet, it’s perfect, and it’s perfectly matched to the story and gives me warm fuzzy feelings inside.
  3. The stories are comfortable, like an old sweater. More often than not, I can tell where the story is going. Sometimes there’s a twist I didn’t see coming, but I’m good either way.
  4. I like the people starring in the movies. Hallmark has a reliable stable of actors and actresses, so watching these movies year after year starts to feel like revisiting old friends. Am I the only person who is happy when I see an actor I like get a job?
  5. The decorations. Honestly, can just one of those set decorators come decorate my house for Christmas?
  6. They are perfect to watch while wrapping presents. Because of #1, it’s pretty easy to wrap a ton of presents and not miss much of the movie between cutting, taping, and tying ribbons.
  7. There’s always a happy ending. In this bizarro world, where it seems each day I’m surprised by the terrible things going on, it’s nice to watch something I know is going to end happily. It’s a nice respite.

Do you enjoy the guilty holiday pleasure that is a Hallmark Christmas Movie? It’s okay I’ll keep your secret!

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