Christmas Shopping – Planner or Pantser

Are you a planner or a pantser?

In writing circles, a planner is someone who outlines their book before they start writing and a pantser is someone who writes (“flies”) by the seat of their pants. They sit down and write and sees what comes out.

I think the same might apply to Christmas shopping. In past years, I’ve been a planner, keeping lists and checking things off. Usually I’ve waited until later in the season, so a list was essential.

This year I think I’m more of a pantser. Albeit an early-working pantser. I decided to pick up gifts throughout the year as a I came across good ideas, because it seems like during the last few holidays seasons the gift idea well had run dry. Any ideas I had over the previous six months completely evaporated when it came time to add things to my cart. This year, I think I picked up my first gift in May or June.

So, how’s it working out?

Pretty good…I think. I still have a few gifts to get. (Why are dads so hard to buy for? Oh yeah, because they go buy whatever they want.) I am definitely ahead of the game. Of course, now I have a whole pile of presents to inventory and make sure I’m ready. Also, I’m pretty sure I’ve bought multiple presents for the same person. Seems like that would be a bad thing, but now I know I have birthday presents ready for 2019.

I would definitely say this is more of a “pantser” method, picking up things as I go along. But it’s definitely an improvement over the birthday presents I gave six month late this year. #truestory #yesimterrible #itsthethoughthatcountsright

What’s your Christmas shopping looking like this year?

If you haven’t started yet this year, my biggest tip is to shop the Black Friday sales ONLINE. Most places will have their sales available online on Thanksgiving Day if you want to get a head start. Then you can get a good night sleep knowing your shopping is done without having to wait in line with overly caffeinated shoppers in the middle of a cold night as you anticipate being trampled for a $50 TV.

If you’re someone who enjoys shopping at the last minute, that’s the ultimate pantser move. I salute you!

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