The OU Wesley

Our college kid invited us to a dinner!

Of course, we said yes!

He invited us to a Missions Dinner at the OU Wesley. The OU Wesley is the United Methodist Mission at the University of Oklahoma. It’s the first time he’s invited us to an event at school. The Wesley has recently been remodeled so it was great to see the new digs.

Chet is part of the leadership team. It’s great to see him taking the initiative to be a part of this vibrant ministry. This year is planning on going back to Rio Bravo, Mexico for a mission trip. Last year, he went down there and helped build a parsonage for the church’s pastor and her two kids. You can see why this kid makes me proud.

What’s great is his friends from high school are also there and involved. I couldn’t have hoped for Chet to have a better college experience. He’s definitely living his best life!

And, of course, we need a sunset picture from Chet’s apartment:


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