Halfway There

It’s the 16th and that means I’m on the downhill side of my goal to blog every day in November. So, far I feel pretty good about achieving this goal every day. I tend to write more of these at night and I think I would prefer to write them in the morning, but somehow I seem to have more to say at night.

At the moment, I doing more stream-of-consciousness blogging (pantser!) then planning which is probably why it’s easier to blog later in the day when I have something to comment on about the day’s activities or thoughts that have come up.

I think for the last half of the month I may try to plan some topics ahead of time and then try writing in the morning to see if that style works better for me. Today I feel a little a loss for a writing topic.

I did look at my little “Instant Interviews” book for inspiration, but somehow it all feels so personal (too personal) to put out in to the Interwebs. So, maybe my next project will be just writing for me. Maybe it turns into a scrapbook or something else. I guess that’s the dilemma of social media and the Internet. How much is too much to share? Where’s the line between public and private? There’s no getting it back once it’s out there.

My husband deleted his Facebook account after watching a 60 Minutes report on just how much information Facebook has on its members and how they sell that information. That’s not real surprising though, is it? I mean, they’re making money some way and you can’t tell me ads alone are paying  for all that square footage in Silicon Valley. What was eye-opening to me was all the information they have on NONUSERS. Yikes. How is that even possible?

So, it’s days like this I feel like going to live in the back woods with no Internet service and leaving the rest of the world behind. Don’t worry. I will still have indoor plumbing and electricity.

Let’s not get too crazy.

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